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Another option is to use your trailer as a “plug in” cooler. The concept is to run an extension cord from your A/C to a fixed outlet while the cooler is stationary, and leave the A/C unplugged while the trailer is in motion. You will need to use a larger air conditioner to go well below the target temperature. Then with R25 insulation you should be able to average 6 hours before gaining 1 degree C of temperature. Towed with a 2″ Ball Hitch, this 6’x8′ Walk-In Cooler can go anywhere you have a 120 Volt, 20 Amp electrical circuit. It will run either on house current or a portable generator. The inside dimensions of the cooler are 86″ long x 62″ wide x 74″ tall. The refrigerator is preset to 36 degrees. Looking to contact someone for a deer and game storage walk-in cooler? We offer custom Texas built refrigerated walkin freezers.

An old utility trailer is perfect to convert into a portable cooler to have to transport food. Any type of cooler you want to make needs to have a set of plans. Information about building a walk-in cooler on your property is available onhere How To Build Your Own Walk-In Cooler. Professional walkin cooler units with 100% financing available. We ship Nationwide to over 30 countries. Fully custom walk in refrigerators & freezers. A & M Cold storage has a large fleet of Walk in Coolers and Walk in Freezers for your cold storage needs. These units are eco friendly, clean, and weather tight and will keep your product at. Home Refrigerated Trailers This custom built refrigerated trailer mounted walk in cooler works great for cold storage on the move. You can pull this deer cooler up to camp, fill it full of dressed out deer, hogs and other animals and pull it back home full of cold, ready to be processed meat.

Both on the road and on-site, our freezer trailers and cooler trailers are built to last. Our unique seamless, one-piece, fiberglass construction will not rust, scratch, dent or corrode. Every Polar King trailer is built to withstand the worst outdoor elements and rigors of local or highway travel. Find New & Used Trailers 2012 white 7 x 12 american made 7x12cooler by dealer. Join Used Trailers News Letter Buy a Used Trailer or Surf Used Trailer Classifieds over 1500 Used Trailers in catagories Used Horse Trailers, Utility Trailers, Boat Trailers, RV Trailers and more.

New View / Get Quote » 12' x 19' x 10'H KYSOR Walk-in Cooler 228 Sq. Ft. Used View / Get Quote » 12'9" x 18' x 10'6"H National Coolers Walk-in Cooler or Freezer 230 Sq. Ft. Used View / Get Quote » 15'9" x 16' x 10'HIrregular Hill-Phoenix Walk-in Cooler 248 Sq. Ft. Used View / Get Quote » 11' x 23' x 10'H KYSOR Walk-in Cooler 253 Sq. Ft. Used View / Get Quote » $500 OFF Exp. 12/31 12' x 23' x 8'H.</plaintext> Walk in Cooler and Freezer. Excellent condition. 12x24 walk in cooler and freezer. used for light duty inside a clean and air conditioned environment. This is a walkin cooler for sale is in excellent shape, shows some wear but is in good condition. Asking price is 700. 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